A Bona fide Classic From Jon Bellion Style Drill

Well, it is indeed a bona fide classic, the varsity jacket is a fashionable yet functional piece of outerwear having a rich heritage and good looks on its side. It is a go to piece and an easy sell item for everyone who is searching to expand his jacket collection. With amazing color combos, a varsity bomber is surprisingly versatile. It is considered as sportswear and formalwear for students. Originally ranked as high school varsity jackets or college varsity jackets; the phenomenal clothing piece holds a history of more than 100 years. Nowadays, there are making ways to great varsity jackets brands, with unique aesthetics and style approaches. The stunning sporty jacket has been designed for diving around on a muddy field, attending award ceremonies and team functions. The particular garb has taken to intensify a young man’s sartorial game when inspired from the rock stars. Jon Bellion is an American rapper, singer and songwriter with an influential scale of fashion. You might find it easier to wear the one with a celebrity label. This Jon Bellion Beautiful Mind Dark Blue And Grey Wool Varsity Jacket is the classy bit taken from Jon Bellion closet under the Beautiful Mind tag. The jacket has made its way into the world of streetwear with a first class style and quality.

Jon Bellion Beautiful Mind Dark Blue And Grey Wool Varsity Jacket

The eye-grabbing Jon Bellion Beautiful Mind Dark Blue And Grey Wool Varsity Jacketis a real piece of nostalgia. With this flawless attire, you can reminiscent a 90s era sports warm up attire in a classic style. The can truly be described in one way; a chaotically beautiful outwear with fashion forward attributes. Just like Bellion’s expert symphony and lyrics; the dazzling jacket is known to put your persona on fire. The jacket has been crafted with careful attention to details in the best grade wool material, contributing to its deluxe warmth and uncompromised solace. Infusing a great deal of inner comfort, the jacket carries a premium viscose lining with a loveable drape. The front carries a simple yet sophisticated look in a plain texture. It is finished in a sharp dark blue and grey combination that appears high end and stylish. The collar of this varsity jacket in rib knitted pattern is evident for its signature bomber vogue. For an effortless front closure, the jacket accents a snap tab buttoned closure. You can also cherish the premium bomber mode with its ribbed cuffs and hemline. The two slanted waist pockets reveal great utility while bringing ease to carry useful handy stuff. A modish take on the iconic back logos accentuates a Beautiful Mind twist. 

Styling Tips

It is seemingly tricky to style your Jon Bellion Beautiful Mind Dark Blue And Grey Wool Varsity Jacket.The first and the foremost is the fit. It is highly crucial when it comes to make a varsity jacket look good. The fit must be slim, however should have enough room underneath to accommodate a crewneck or hoodie. The hem should not sit higher than the hips; this detail sets a pure varsity apart from its cropped cousin, the bomber jacket. When you go for experimenting a new look with your varsity jacket, it is recommended to opton the right side of classic. With a solid wool body in blue and contrasting light toned sleeves in grey; you can relish a throwback two-toned style. If you want to play it safe, stick to monochromes. Do not hesitate go more colorful, provided that the rest of your ensemble is nice and subtle.In regards to the legwear, opt for jeans or chinos; these will both work great for your smart casual looks. Go for bold and dark colors in either slim or straight cuts. Team up the astounding emblem with some classic footwear. Here you can think Chuck Taylors to bring a casual look or loafers to go preppy.

Taking Care of Your Wool Varsity Jacket

  • Before washing, turn your jacket inside out. In this way, the fabric is not damaged.
  • It is recommended to wash your jacket by hand in cold water.
  • After washing, lay your jacket flat to air dry or let the jacket dry on a hanger in the sunlight.
  • Keep the jacket hanged upright to protect it from folds.

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