How To Buy Men’s Dress Shirt

Dress shirts constitute the basic shelf of an essential wardrobe for men. These are versatile enough to achieve a formal business look or to elevate a more casual outfit. As there is a shocking number of styling options for men’s dress shirts, buying a dress shirt can be quite intimidating. Unless and until you know exactly what you want it may be a daunting job to wade through all the details ignorantly. Dress shirts generally do not appear cheap; so it is better to get the one right. If you want to get a new dress shirt for yourself but have no idea from where to start? Forget any worries, we have got you! In this write-up, we are going to identify all the important aspects of the classic men’s dress article. Let’s move forward with the rules how to buy men’s dress shirt: 

Take Measures To Get The Right Measurements  

Before you even think to shop for a dress shirt, you need to know how to measure for a dress shirt. Get your measurements with the help of a dressmaker, friend or a family member. It is significant to be accurate having measurements for your neck, chest, waist and arms. Here are some tips to snag the most precise numerals. 

Neck: Firstly, wrap the measuring tape around the base of neck, where it connects your shoulder. Now consider the type of collar you want. If you want a snug collar, note the number as it is. Although if you like a looser fit, put a finger under the measuring tape and then mark the figure.  

Chest: Start with taking the measurement right below your armpits. Ensure to get the perfect digits by circling around the broadest part of your chest and shoulder blades. Do not compress the tape too tight.

Arms & Shoulders: Spot the center of the back of your neck; take measurements from that pinpoint to the end of your shoulder, means at the top of your arm. Then evaluate the size from shoulder to the wrist bone, slightly bending the arm that will allow a wiggle room. Count the two numbers together to have your sleeve length.

Waist: To get the perfect measurements of waist, circle the measuring tape around the waistline at your belly button. Adjust your desired fit; if you want a tight fit, note the number as it is. For a looser fit, keep a finger under the tape and then record the digits. 

How To Buy A Shirt That Fits Form Flattering

Once you are done with how to measure dress shirt size? Let’s think about fit. The perfect dress shirt is the one that fits perfectly. As for the maximum level of comfort, you may want a shirt that permits the widest range of motion but at the same time it can show off your body in a flattering way. Although it seems to be a tricky balance to strike, but we are here to help you out with the most popular fits you will encounter on the racks. These are:

Slim fit: For a lean or slim torso, you may want to have a slim fit shirt. The structure of such kind of dress shirt is a bit tighter without more room at waist. This fit work perfect for those with taller built or more muscular body. 

Normal fit: The most traditional among the bunch is a normal fit. It sets a bit loose on the body but do not appear as relaxed as to not look nice when tucked in the pants. Most of the guys love the normal fit to look great and attractive. 

Loose fit: The loose fit shirt style is considered appropriate for the casual settings. Although the shirt should feel relaxed at chest, arms and waist; but it must be in line with your measurements. 

Dress Shirt Fabric Is An Important Consideration To Make

The fabrics used to make a dress shirt is a pivotal factor to consider before going to shop for a new one. Well, you can technically pick the material you like the most but we highly recommend to stay away from man-made or synthetic fibers like polyester or rayon. However, it is best to opt for more natural fibers to relish temperature regulation and better breathability. Here are some favorable fabric to go for:

Fine cotton: A lightweight, breathable and crisp cotton is a versatile fabric for making the best dress shirts for men. Whether paired with a suit jacket or worn alone, a cotton dress shirt promises to leave you look heavenly sharp and stylish. 

Linen: For hot climate areas, linen is a fantastic option to adore. It is an all-natural fabric with supreme cooling and moisture wicking properties. If you want something a bit more casual; go for a linen dress shirt

Oxford cloth: A rigid choice for a more casual look comes with an oxford shirt. It is a bit thicker fabric than fine cotton to give better style outcomes in outdoors. This stuff is the perfect option for you if functionality and longevity stand high on your priority list. 

What Colors Are Best?  

A solid white shirt or a light blue one is the versatile choice, both for the workplace or the casual world. Moreover, these are neutral tones, so can be paired nicely with the widest variety of suit jackets and pants. If you want to bring some vibrant pieces in your closet; a bold floral pattern would serve great. These patterns make a splash of style at birthday parties, outdoor weddings and more occasions where it is better to stay on the fancier side of dressing. For those who want some patterns on but still love to be less playful; checkered or plaid prints are their cup of tea. These are timeless and stylish, perfect for happy hours wearing and outdoor barbecues. 

Pay Attention To The Collar 

Next up in the matter of dress shirt men’s; let’s talk collars! There is actually a plethora of collar styles to adore. Some popular versions include:

Spread collar: This type of collar is characterized by the pointing corners that spread outwards from the neck. It can be dressy or casual depending on how you want to don your shirt?

Classic collar: The classic style do not “spread” much between its points and renders a slightly tighter look. It also works appropriate for both casual and dressier settings. 

Widespread collar: As the name indicates, a widespread collar follows a wide spread outwards in comparison to the classic or spread collar. It accompanies an elegant look with thick tie knots or even unbuttoned sans ties.

Button-down collar: This is similar to the classic collar, but have points that affix to the shirt via buttons. The button down collar is causal by nature. 

If you buy a dress shirt off the rack, considering the above stated factors; all these choices seemed to be made just for you! 


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