How To Buy The Perfect Pair Of Jeans For Men

A comfortable, durable and versatile pair of jeans is the Holy Grail staple for men’s modern casual wardrobe. These attributes can bring the perfect pair of men’s jeans that is the one thing a guy can hypothetically don every day without even giving the impression that he is wearing the same as before. A denim jeans can dressed up, dressed down at any occasion during any season. It makes the chameleon of a closet that is ideal for those who want to avoid the daily grind of thinking about what to wear. Moreover, the versatility of jeans do not need you to have more than a few pairs; and it goes pretty much well with almost any clothing article. The mix and match options here are just endless! So, if jeans are that great, then why some men wearing jeans do not look good? Why is it difficult to get the perfect pair of jeans? Although buying a nice denim jeans is not a rocket science, but it definitely need a little bit of know-how to avoid such questions. Well in this article, you will get the guidelines that help you solve these issues How To Buy The Perfect Pair Of Jeans For Men! Let’s get started:  

Common Denim Fits Available For Men

With so many options of denim fits, styles, washes, tapers and rises; well that is just the beginning, buying the perfect jeans can feel like solving a Rubik’s cube for your legs! In terms of fit, jeans are pronounced with different labels of slim, skinny or straight. These fits indicate the body types for which jeans are designed for. We are here with men’s jeans fit guide that will lead you to pick the style made just for you! 

The Skinny Jeans – This type of jeans for men is the latest addition to the jeans family. With a tight fit and a tapered leg opening, the skinny jeans for men made skinny from the hip to hem. These generally have a low to mid-rise style with a zippered fly. 

The Slim Fit Jeans – It is an intermediate fit type of jeans that is not too tight fitted, not too loose. A slim fit jeans is usually mid-rise with a zippered fly. It is cut straight through the hip with a slim trim through thighs and a narrow leg opening.

The Regular Fit Jeans – A regular fit is a straight leg jeans that generally denotes a mid-rise design. It is cut straight through the hips and thighs with trouser leg falls straight from the knee to hem. The leg openings are fairly large. 

The Relaxed Fit Jeans – A relaxed trimmed denim do not hug any part of the body with a loose fit from the waist to the leg openings. 

The Loose Fit Jeans – This is a baggy fit jeans that is considered as the roomiest of all types of jeans for men. It is the best jeans for overweight guys with plenty of space in thighs, legs and hips. 

Type Of Men’s Jeans In Terms Of Rise

When we talk about the rise of a denim jeans we mean its front rise; the measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband. There are four basic types of rises on men’s jeans. These are high rise, mid-rise, low rise and low crotch. 

High Rise Jeans – The high rise jeans work ideal for the taller and bigger men. It is worn above the belly button. For a stylish outcome it is best to avoid tucking in your shirt with the high rise jeans. 

Medium Rise or Mid Rise Jeans The mid-rise jeans is a great option for those who like to tuck their shirts into the jeans. In such type of jeans, the waistband skims the navel. 

Low Rise Jeans – Low rise jeans bring a classic, casual fit giving a more relaxed look. It is worn below the navel. 

Low Crotch Jeans These are drop-crotch denim pants worn low on the waist. This style is slouchy at hips, seat and rear.

A Form Flattering Fit for Your Body Type

Even the die-hard denim heads these days love to wear the contemporary slim fit jeans. But it may look slim fit and flattering only if you have the body to complement this. As not every fit look good on every body type. A good fit with the best coordinating body type bring the perfect balance for your bodily proportions. So, to get the best jeans for body type male, let’s have a look at the most common men’s body types:

Average-Sized Guys

If you are blessed with an average-sized body frame, you have got a plenty of styling options. Whether it is a slim fit or loose, it will look good on you. With this body type, any kind of rise do better. The most obvious choices in the case are slim straight fit and tapered fits for average sized guys with beefy thighs.

Shorter Guys

Guys with shorter height tend to appear taller. So they need the silhouette that could make them look so. Shorter guys must avoid anything with a low rise. They should go for a medium rise jeans to add the balance in their body proportions. To give an impact of longer legs they need straight jeans. Try avoiding the skinny fit jeans; these are not certainly for the shorter men. 

Taller Guys

Tall guys do not want to look even taller. So, in order achieve their actual height, they should generally avoid high waisted jeans as these could make the legs of taller guys look even longer. Despite, choose something with a medium or low rise. Longer men appear best in a slim or regular fit. Be cautious about not to pick skinny ones as these look ridiculous! 

Big Guys

For big guys, opt for something with a lower rise, tapered leg with a relaxed thigh and regular fits. They should not go too tight! If the bigger guys have an athletic build, regular fits work for them greatly. These may allow a slimmer appearance with straight legs. The regular fitted jeans is a nice match for men with hips that are narrower than their shoulders.

Skinny Guys

For men having the body of a fashion model, most jeans are going to look great on them. In the case, any rise either low, mid or high; will give the room to play style! A lower rise works best here to build up a skinny stature. Although the skinny jeans serve as a better option but avoid anything super skinny that could give your legs, chicken legs impression. 

Hopefully, with this useful men’s jeans guide; you are going to be less stressed and more comfortable the next time you go jeans shopping. Make sure you are confident enough regarding how to wear jeans men according to your body type. Decide the perfect fit for yourself and class up your jeans with some good tops and accessories like shoes/sneakers, watch and some really cool shades! 


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