How to Wear Men’s Shorts

Few items in men’s wardrobe seem to bring out much debate; just like the shorts do! Here we are going to uncover why is that? Why is there so much hesitation and uncertainty over wearing shorts? When is it relevant to wear shorts? What clothing articles can you tone up with shorts? Gents, we are answering such kind of questions today with this sweet guide to men’s shorts. Let’s get into it straight away:

History Of Men’s Shorts

By the end of 19th century and in the starting of 20th century; a number of English words were used for the shortened men’s pants. The baggy or sloppy pants that converged below the knee, were called ‘Knickerbockers’. The shorter ones with tighter fitting that gathered at the knee were known as ‘knee pants.’ At that time, these types were considered clothing for boys as the part of many school uniforms, specific uniform for some sports and recreational activities. These were not rendered as fashion clothing bits that could be worn outside of a particular athletic activity. Like the tennis players might put on shorts on the court, but before socializing afterward they would change into trousers. Until 1950s, such a simple garments did not show up as a comfortable, casual summer wear for men. Even after, it took a long time to catch on these garbs as normal wearing. It was done by the men in spotlight and some champion trendsetters from the Hollywood. Although, shorts nowadays, have become a modern addition to men’s wardrobe, but these are still finding acceptance!

When to Wear Shorts

For men who want to show legs in style; it is better to figure out when to wear shorts for men? Men’s shorts are the casual staple in men’s summer clothing arsenal. For all guys who want the freedom of motion staying comfortable and avoiding sweat could bring this amazing garb right away. But these are the informal pieces that should be worn rightly for summer events like a poolside party, hitting the beach and for some recreation activities like sports, running and hiking. Whether you are walking around the town in daytime, lounging casually with friends or going to a private party; you will do absolutely fine in a well-fitted pair of shorts. 

When Not To Wear Shorts

Before styling shorts, it is important to determine the circumstances accurately. Firstly, identify the unstated dress code, get into the view of those around whom you are going to dress; then decide whether you should wear shorts or not. Situations requiring business-casual attire do not allow ‘good short times’. Corporate offices, banks and law firms are the cases that require trousers or dress slacks and where shorts should not be worn.  

Linen Shorts 

The perfect variation for warm weather short is the linen short. The linen fabric is meant for summer wearing as it is lightweight, highly breathable and dispenses a great texture. It tends to wrinkle more than cotton but its distinctive crease pattern appears as a part of style, as bumps look in a seersucker. Hence there is no need to smooth them out. Whether you wish to stroll the beach or dine along the poolside; linen shorts are synonymous with relaxed comfort without sacrificing style. Make linen shorts your instant choice for those sticky days and look picture perfect. 

Bermuda Shorts 

For a bit dressier look, Bermuda shorts are going to play the key role. These are commonly known as dress shorts or walk shorts for semi-casual settings. High quality cotton material is used in the construction of this type of shorts in a multitude of tones and prints but also come in denim variations. The bottom leg hole or hem of these shorts may be cuffed or un-cuffed an inch above the knee. During hot weather Bermuda shorts are often seen paired with suits. 

Swim Shorts 

A modern pair of swim shorts is a refined silhouette that is fitted closer to the legs. These come in a tailored form with added practicality, flexibility, moisture wicking traits, incredible colors and classic patterns. Whether you are racking up lengths in pool or chilling in a hot tub; dive right into florals, tie dye, stripes and more to show off your legs in style. 

Long Shorts

In the past, long shorts gained popularity because of skater kids. Nowadays these are considered a refined and sophisticated silhouette made for the super casual days. All the credit for an ultimate style these render goes to the premium fabrics used. In modern settings, this kind of shorts are often seen on the runways, at fashion shows of contrasting forms and a local skate park as well. 

What to Wear with Shorts

What to wear with shorts male? A serious question arises when it comes to sport men’s shorts. Sandals and socks is not a suitable pairing with shorts. If you are wearing sandals, it is evident that it is hot enough to need shorts so there is no need to wear socks; it is better to skip. Men get confused about shoes to wear with shorts? Here is the answer: If shorts are donned with closed toe shoes, then ankle socks pair the combo well. Boaters and loafers are slip-on casual shoes that work as good companions to shorts without socks. For shirts that go with shorts perfectly, you need to be more casual. As shorts are casual garments, so the shirts must be casual too. Don’t wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts like long sleeve collared ones and long sleeve shirts with buttoned front. Collared short-sleeve shirts bring a cool and causal vibe with shorts. These may include a seersucker or a monochrome polo shirt. Hawaiian shirts in particular render the fun part when coupled with loud-print shorts. Relish a stylistic mix-and-match pairing the shorts with casual t-shirts. This combination accompanies a more flattering casual look. With blazers or suit jackets; men’s short impart a highly fashion-forward pairing. In some parts of South Africa and Bermuda; business shirts and blazers with shorts escort an established style! 

Gentlemen wear them without fear! Rule the summer with men’s shorts styles 2021. Men’s shorts retain a pretty good place in every man’s practical style closet. The main thing is to understand the fit and setting properly if you relay want to turn these into a potent style weapon in your sartorial armament! 

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