Kanye West Yeezus Bomber Is A Rich Source Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Glam

A very serious style statement has been derived from the famous American rapper Kanye West. The heartthrob celeb for millions of fans around the globe is known to play a strong hand in the outerwear vogue. In the state of infinite casual, Kanye West’s overall style is basically a blend of the two key musical subcultures: rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop. With his urban roots, oversized silhouettes, glam rock furs and velvets, he keeps on rocking a classically tailored bomber jacket and overcoat for a touch of military prowess. Portraying between numerous looks and themes, it would not be the Kanye West style, if it does not epitomize high-level luxury.

Kanye West Yeezus Tour Green Leather Bomber Jacket

Kanye West Bomber-From Military Podium To The Hip Hop Stand

Tracing its roots from the military origins through time, communities, cultures and movements; Kanye West Yeezus Tour Green Leather Bomber Jacket have earned massive popularity during his Yeezus tour. The concert tour was organized by Kanye West in 2014; in support of his sixth solo studio album, Yeezus. Actually, the bomber jacket dates back to the 1950s, even before the birth of Mr. West. It has been considered as one of the trendiest styles of jackets men could ever appreciate. The style is highly adaptable with the transforming fashion scenes and trends with a significant label of being the most popular crossover from military-inspired clothing to the fashion wear. The classy wardrobe essential is designed and built to last. During the earlier days of open cockpits, aviators used to wear leather jackets with fur or wool lining within. The need for the time was to keep the airmen warm and comfy under extreme weather conditions. What actually needed was a bomber jacket that should be slim fit and lightweight enough to keep the pilot snug. It was then, a B-15 was introduced. Later on, this was upgraded to the MA-1 as per the requirements of the aircraft technologies. Here a rib knitted collar replaced B-15 fur lining. Now the same bomber has taken a vital place in modern day fashion. Today, some popular streetwear fashion labels have put their signature spin on this long running, iconic piece and offered it to the fashion world for mass consumption. Hence we can be very much sure about the longevity and originality of the bomber jacket. The phenomenal Kanye West Yeezus Tour Green Leather Bomber Jacket is here to endure the test of time and fashion. You can be pretty much sure about this undefeated contender when it comes to get the right balance between style and practicality.

Kanye West Yeezus Tour Green Leather Bomber Jacket

Care to add thisiconic piece as a part of street style fashion? Get Yeezus on its feet! A well-celebrated celeb sparkles in his emblematic outerwear. Kanye West is poised to set on fire in Kanye West Yeezus Tour Green Leather Bomber Jacket. The influential personality of the world of music caters for all your fashion needs with his Yeezus Tour jacket. It was a concert tour arranged by Kanye in support of his sixth solo studio album, Yeezus. Following a well-defined built, the bomber jacket uses the best quality stuff to render great deal of comfort and solace. To infuse fineness and a neat drape, the inner side of the jacket is lined by a soft viscose fabric. The green color of Kanye’s bomber speaks of its authentic military origin. An YKK front zippered closure brings ease in fastening adding to its adorable look. For a signature fashion look, a flag is printed on the right sleeve of the jacket. The collar is finished in a rib knitted pattern that imparts a winter appropriate style. Sleeves are cut to full length with ribbed cuffs. The two flapped buttoned pockets at waist allow appreciable utility.

Styling Tips To Render Yeezus Label From Head To Toe

Once you have grabbed the stunning Kanye West Yeezus Tour Green Bomber Jacket; you should learn to master the entire look in Kanye mode. Pair your jacket with Kanye’s ripped jeans or jogger pants. Add Suede lace-up boots or sneakers getting luxury on the toe. Accessories your ensemble with tortoiseshell acetate frames, crocodile skin leather goods and a gold neck chain.  

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