Men’s Style Trends To Avoid In 2021

Fashion trends in the style universe work according to the hydrologic cycle of water. Every year, some of the trends make a buzz while the others fail to be carried along to the next year. People should follow the fashion prints of the last year but not all of them. It is a serious concern about what should be followed or what should be avoided. Succeeding the worst fashion trends can take down your style game. It’s better to rule out the wretched fad you should keep away from in Men’s Style Trends To Avoid In 2021 2021. Let’s get started:

Avoid Oversized Suits 

The worst men’s fashion mistakes you can make in the year ahead is to follow the mode of oversized suits. The trend comes around after every 40 years. It was a big hit in 1040s with the zoot suits. Then it came again in style in the ’80s with big hair and bigger shoulder pads. In the 2020s, it could not have hit the smash due to the ongoing pandemic and fashion crisis. The oversized suits with bare chested jackets not only look bad but also awkward like you are borrowing your dad’s clothes. So, do not run after the outdated men’s fashion and just focus on the latest fashion trends for men that are worth following. 

Avoid Vests Under A Suit 

Although vests form an integral component of a 3-piece suit; but these do not look fine when worn instead of a shirt. With the ignorant of the fashionistas, an annoying trend of wearing a suit without a shirt has been developed in the last few years. Moreover, from the worst of men’s fashion trends 2020 and worst men’s fashion trends from 2019; the so called stylish men have seen wearing a suit with a kimono wrapped top, tank top or even without a shirt. The issue is that the most dapper form of men’s clothing is not merely designed to be worn this way. 

Avoid Fashion Colors 

Following fashion colors work as the worst of men’s fashion trends; as it is not very practical but still practiced. With every New Year or season; the top designers and clothing stylists seem to decide the trending colors and start to manifest those everywhere. Men who are smart enough to prioritize long-term fashion trends must be very careful about welcoming some colors to their closets. Like the racing reds, ultra-bright acid hues of magenta, neons and traffic-cone-orange. Despite these all are very popular on the runways but cannot stand the test of time. 

Avoid Wide Pants

Try to live in men’s fashion today! As we are no longer in the classic ’80s where big hair and baggy, wide pants used to sustain the vogue. Although these are trying to make a comeback like oversized suits; but these are not suitable for a well-fitted style ensemble. The wide legged pants give an impression like you don’t know the importance of fit! Before adoring such kind of trend, do not forget that ‘fit is king’ and it is massive factor that could ruin your overall style presence.  

Avoid Leather all over

A leather jacket with no doubt is a classic staple for men’s fashion wardrobe. But if the leather is used to craft your entire outfit, it does not look as graceful as it actually is. If it is adapted for a single staple piece, it is fine, but when you overdo the material in your overall look; it seems pathetic. Leather jacket with leather boots accents a nice combo. Even you can add leather accessories like a watch strap or a belt. But if you don a pair of leather pants; the style become impaired. So, this fad is better to be avoided!

Avoid Baggy Denim  

The oversized or baggy denim jeans do not look smart on any guy but still it goes in the running trends. Men who only emulate the styles from movies and celebrities follow the mode thinking this as a cool option. This is not the kind of vogue to be followed in everyday life. Wearing a baggy jeans make your legs look skinny and short and that a real man definitely do not want to be alike. Try to avoid the remarkable trend from 90s in 2021 and look smart and stylish nevertheless. 

Avoid Full on Florals

The florals in general sense is not a worst fashion trend! But everything has its pros and cons and it applies to the floral patterns as well. These can bring a great addition to a man’s wardrobe in the form of florals on tie, shirt, pants, suits, pocket squares and scarves. But again if you overdo your style with bold colors and large prints and patterns; you are on the wrong side of fashion trend. So, be smart and thoughtful in carrying the style modes from the previous year. Avoid the worst fashion trends of 2020 and practice those that are adaptable and timeless for constructing an interchangeable wardrobe. Do not mess up with the clutter in your closet. Men’s fashion trends 2021 do not mean at all to try everything that is “hot”. Just concentrate on your style, not fashion! 

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