Menswear Items Inspired By The Rich Military Heritage

The words combat, battle, conflict, war traditionally bring a serious form of distress and devastation. We may wonder that what the bloodshed game has been good for. Absolutely for nothing. Apart from our perception, perhaps, it has shaped practically everything hanging in the men’s wardrobe today and draping their bodies! Although the 20th century’s clashes may have been completely unwanted, but it is possible that without these, men would still remain confined in a sartorial restraint. What the brave, military souls wear gracefully speak power and tradition. Men’s clothing articles like crew neck t-shirts, bomber jackets, chinos; all denote the infiltrated fashion inspired from the front line. Menswear Items Inspired By The Rich Military Heritage

The highly functional and timeless nature of these garments appeal men’s clothing designers, resulting in the advent of numerous military-inspired fashion brands. Here we are going to discuss the foremost battle-dress staples that are going to work as mission accomplished for your wardrobe:  

White T-Shirt

It is literally hard to assume what life would be, if the most iconic item in menswear remained nothing more than an undergarment. We couldn’t imagine and want to! Taking roots with the strong military heritage, the classic version of a T-shirt; a short-sleeved white cotton crew neck, has been adopted into the civilian life. It was firstly adopted by the US Army during World War I as undershirts for their uniforms. With the termination of war the troops took the fashion back to homes. After the war is ended the trend evolved into a civilian style staple. 

Pea Coat

Originally seen by Dutch in the 16th century, this outwear takes its name from the word that means a type of coarse and grainy fabric. It is inspired a 19th-century nautical attire in a cropped form, large lapels, vertical pockets and a double-breasted style. The heroes at sea have brought civilians with countless modern essentials, including the pea coat. It came into men’s fashion closets after the World War II. The Navy heritage pea coats still tend to be navy with a modern style constructed with high wool content.

Trench Coat

The military clobber and men’s fashion have been close allies for a long time. This is the reason that the origin of individual pieces looks murky sometimes. Like in the case of a trench coat where the renowned British clothing company Aquascutum and the British outfitter Thomas Burberry both staked the claim of its inception. Burberry was commissioned by army to create an outerwear suitable for soldiers on the front line during World War I. In 1901, Burberry developed a water repellent cloth using cotton gabardine fabric and submitted it to the British War Office.

It served as the perfect rain coat for officers with practical design elements like large lapels, convertible collar and shoulder epaulets. Today, the military inspired clothing brands present some sleek, belted silhouettes with some fashion twists. Nowadays a trench coat is considered as a luxury essential with many variations, including single- and double-breasted, long and short cuts and in modern color-pop styles. 


If we look for the trousers that sit in the middle of smart and casual, then nothing fits better within our standard than a pair of chinos. These were originally built for battle before landing on the college campuses across the US in the mid-20th century. These were firstly known as khakis, developed as a way to camouflage British troops stationed in India.  Made form pure twill cotton fabric in a light-brown, sandy shade, these trousers have the credit for being comfortable, hard-wearing and above all going low-profile during war in dusty places. The military fashion clothing comes in more color variations for the modern civilian use. 

Combat Boots

One serious concern military personnel always go through is taking care of their feet. For them marching or trooping is requisite. So that their footwear should be sturdy and practical to meet the toughest of circumstances. Hence to achieve maximum utility combat boots were developed. This style of boots was created by a German doctor Klaus Marten, during the World War II. The highly rugged and comfy boots are characterized by soft leather and cushioned soles. Menswear Items Inspired By The Rich Military Heritage

Aviator Sunglasses 

The Canadian based Bausch & Lomb Company developed sunglasses for pilots in 1936. The purpose is to protect their eyes while flying; thus these take the name aviator sunglasses. These are the specially designed sunglasses that were considered to permit aviators with a complete range of vision while battling enemy fighters in the blazing sun. The teardrop shape of aviator sunglasses allow full protection covering the whole eye. Aviators have been in civilian fashion for the time they have been around. Now these are among the most popular sunglasses styles for men. 

Cargo Pants

Taking the historical military heritage from the British armed forces in the 1930’s; cargo pants was adopted by the US army during World War II. These pants were characteristic by large pockets, providing high practicality to hold maps, bandages and other items that may be needed in a combat. US military forces brought these to their military paratroopers so that they could carry combat food and ammunition. Following amazing functionality and comfort, cargo pants are very popular among the heritage style clothing for men. With their visual aesthetics and useful nature, these can also be modified as cargo shorts that work great for hiking and hanging out on a casual day. 

Desert Boots (Chukkas)

Desert boots are known as the predecessor for chukka boots. Worn by the British armed forces in World War II, the highly functional and sturdy footwear are made for the desert terrain. These are characterized by leather or suede built, lace up ankle length design, flat crepe rubber or leather sole and rounded toe to work well on sand. The desert boots are developed in lightweight that served best for the military personnel on their desert campaigns. For modern day fashion; desert boots serve wonders for smart casual settings. Menswear Items Inspired By The Rich Military Heritage

Bomber Jacket

The most classic and desirable piece among the military style clothing is a flight or bomber jacket. The bomber was crafted originally for military pilots. Since its inception, it has been very much inserted into the men’s outerwear style closets. It was first created to meet the necessity for pilots of open cockpits. As during the World War I, the fighter aircrafts did not have enclosed cockpits; so it was hard to combat the weather elements. The bomber jackets were meant to keep aviators warm and protected with a heavy duty built. The more prominent features of a bomber jacket are: zipper closures with wind flaps, high wraparound collars and snug fitting cuffs and waist.  

Bring the legacy of war heroes in your daily sartorial choices. The military style clothing is an ultimate ground to find any timeless style for men. As it can handle a tour of tough duty, it can definitely hold the rigidity of everyday life!  


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