Principles Of Men’s Clothing To Stay Cool Through Hot Weather

Hot weather always brings a laid-back and relaxed vibe. When the mercury rises, everybody starts dressing like it is the time to head on to the beach. Although the impulse to dress in t-shirts and shorts with flip-flops is powerfully justified for the casual days cool look but what if you have to go out formally to meet people? Gentlemen, summer is no excuse to let your sartorial standards down. Despite of getting summer heat as a reason to ease your dress code; view it as a good time to include new fabrics, styles and colors into your wardrobe. With a smart pick of sartorial bits and pieces it is possible to appear stylish in warm weather also. It is really important to dress appropriately when it is hot outside. Having a mistake with your clothes choices can completely ruin your day. Here are some principles about what to wear in hot weather? What are the clothes that keep you cool in hot weather? Check out the tips to turn your style relevant and smart for the summer months. Principles Of Men’s Clothing To Stay Cool Through Hot Weather.

Opt For Lightweight Fabrics To Stay Cool In The Heat

The ideal fabrics for the hot tropical climates are generally lightweight and derived from natural materials like cotton or linen. The lightweight clothing for hot weather tends to dry faster that brings a bonus point when you sweat. Lightweight wool also works as a great option in summer although there is a misconception that it can only be used in winter. Wool material in lighter weaves is suitable for hot weather too. Moreover, it tends to add a layer of heat between the fabric and your body. Other useful fabrics for hot weather are seersucker, poplin and madras cotton. Dress shirts crafted with broadcloth cotton are cooler than those with the heavier oxford weaves. Restructuring the lightweight synthetic fabrics results in the best quality performance gear for summers. Before buying a dress shirt or jacket to beat the scorching ensure completely that the garment is specifically engineered for the current weather and let’s start with the basics, means selecting the right fabrics. 

Say Yes To The Breathable Fabrics 

Elevated temperatures when combined with high humidity level can simply make life agonizing. As human physiology keeps the body temperature cool by perspiring heat from the body. So it is significant to allow the desirable air circulation through clothing and this can be attained with breathable fabrics. Natural fibers like cotton is extremely comfy and makes your body to breathe effortlessly. Linen also makes a good option at absorbing moisture. Such fabrics breathe well than the synthetics ones like polyester. Silk does not work as a good choice on hot conditions as it retain potential heat instead of throwing it away from the body. With its great ability to breathe, wool serves better than polyester fabrics, especially in making tropical, lighter weight wool suits.   

Choose Clothes That Bring Maximum UV Protection  

To look your stylish best comes as the foremost urge in the heat. But it is quite significant to get protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The clothing acts as the basic form of protection against the sun. The more your skin covered, the better it is protected. In this regard, long sleeved shirts serve better than short sleeved t-shirts. The same applies to the bottoms as long pants cover better than shorts. It is also necessary to cover head and neck! With summer hats, scarfs and bandanas you get the right style with the desirable deal of protection. Principles Of Men’s Clothing

Think Of Your Clothes Construction Pattern In Hot Weather

Although picking the right fabric for men’s clothing in summer is heavily important. But the way it is made means constructed cannot be neglected also. The lightweight fabric and hot weather perfect details of a summer outfit are just useless if its construction doesn’t emphasize these properties. Like if a lightweight wool jacket has a polyester lining, it is of no utility in hot circumstances as the lining restricts the breathability of the wool. Blazers with polyester, silk or satin linings do not serve the purpose as none of these fabrics breathe well. Bringing the best choice in summer, unlined blazers come in action. Similarly, the structure of fit also plays the part in heat. Loosing up your silhouette helps in air circulation. If you are on concern about what to wear in hot, humid weather without looking sloppy; a relaxed fitted linen shirt slightly looser than a dress shirt will work to make you feel breezy and pleasant. 

Stick To The Lighter Colors That Are More Suitable For Hot Weather

The darker your clothes are, the more likely they are to absorb heat. The lighter toned clothing, on the contrary, reflect heat energy keeping the wearer cool and comfy. The dark shades like purple, blue and green when exposed to intense sunlight generate thermal energy while the lighter ones under the same conditions generate less thermal energy by reflecting the sunlight more. So light-colored clothing goes well with the summer mood and bring a great way to cool you down on a warm day. People tend to appear chic and fashionable by following the trends with shades of classic white, pink, pastel blue, beige and yellow. 

When it is warm outdoors, make sure to dress suitably. Do not turn your day into a sweaty disaster! Be smart while choosing extreme hot weather clothing. Follow the basics about how to dress nice in hot weather clothing. Everything from shirt to the hat on your head is crucial to keep you cool and healthy in the blazing sun. It is very rightly said that “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Principles Of Men’s Clothing


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