Summer Shirts Every Man Should Own

Trends seasonably come and go, but style lasts forever! As summer is fast-approaching; all men around the globe would have to adapt the drastic seasonal shift. When it comes to decide about how to look stylish in the scorching heat of summer; we need to ensure that there must be a heavy dose of classic style staples dispersed among the key trending pieces. Summer shirts work as the cornerstone of your hot weather closet that may be updated from time to time on the basis of what you wear day in or day out. To beat the summer heat in style, every man without a hitch needs a decent selection of shirts in his wardrobe. There are different types of shirts for men out there and it is significant to arm yourself with a pretty eclectic selection that can lead you well throughout the season. From Oxford button-downs to the casual chambray shirts, various shirt styles for man define specific practicality for events and occasions. To help you ease the periodic grind, here we assembled some tried and trusted shirts that never gone nor will ever go out of fashion in summers. 

Always Stick To The Classics And Create A Capsule Shirt Collection For Summer

Doing this way, you will get covered for each and every conceivable occasions coming your way in the impending season yet help you look your best all the times. Whether you are heading for a family wedding or partying by the poolside sipping cocktails; these are the key shirt styles every man should own:

Stay Fresh And Stylish Under The Sun With Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are the classic warm weather essentials that serve as the perfect option to go for, when you feel like melting. These allow comfy and pleasant wearing with an ultra-breathable fabric and can be traditionally styled for casual and smart casual approach. For a more summer appropriate look, opt for the pastel colors. This will make you look instantly cooler and great. Just roll up the sleeves and put together an ultimate summer appearance pairing your linen shirt with light chinos or shorts. Rock on a smart casual look with a jeans and blazer. To attain maximum versatility, you can interchange between long sleeve and short sleeve and try simple patterns with the basic color hues in lighter tones. 

Broadcloth Shirts Bring The True Style Indulgence

Broadcloth or Poplin is a densely woven cotton fabric in a criss cross shape. A tight weaving pattern gives the shirt greater strength but it is also lightweight and thin at the same time. Its construction pattern allows better air circulation keeping the wearer cooler on a hot summer day. Broadcloth shirts also serve as a good work shirt with a little sheen on surface that renders a more professional look. Hence the fabric play for versatility in both formal and casual menswear. Just ideal for spring and summer wear, this shirt can be styled under a suit or blazer in a formal or dressier capacity.

Say It All With Bold Patterned Shirts

Summer always favors to be aggressive in fashion! When it comes to bold patterned shirts and colors, the season allows to experiment these to stand out from the crowd. The Florals and Paisley stay at the top in summer bringing a more prominent vibe to speak out cool fashion. The sharp design patterns with a subtle color contrast keep the hot weather mode up a notch. With solid, dark hued trouser; paisley or florals create a monochromatic, slim gaze. 

Short Sleeved Seersucker Shirts Are Here To Beat The Heat 

Whenever we speak of classic choices in summer, a short sleeved seersucker shirt in a tonal solid hue or white and blue is always a good pick. Its unique weave and texture make it an extremely lightweight, cool and breezy garb when it seriously heats up. Whether you are sitting along the poolside or need to get ready for outdoor afternoons, these shirts can survive the commute from work to leisure without making you embarrassed with sweat. Twin up your seersucker shirt with pleated trousers. A casual pair of chinos work nicely for those long, sunny days! 

Go Ahead With Your Chambray Shirt For A Laid-Back Summer Vibe

Among the casual shirt styles, Chambray shirts rise at the top as the most versatile items to have in men’s summer wardrobe. It denotes a lightweight fabric with plain-weave construction, yielding a comfortable casual clothing article. You can effortlessly smarten up your look at any smart casual or laidback occasion. Whether you want to keep it relaxed or need to rock as smartly casual; the possibilities with your chambray shirt are endless. Give it a try with denim jeans, chinos or a velvet blazer to stand out stylishly. 

Bold, Boxy And Versatile Is What A Cuban Collar Shirt Is

Get ready to soak up enough sun in a nice and trendy Cuban collar shirt. It proudly falls under the essential summer staple for men that bring a high fashion statement with cool looks. The shirt is constructed with an open collar and short sleeves. With a classic multitude of designs and colors, you can dazzle as casual or beachy keen. Perfect for leisure wearing; Cuban collar shirts pop up the masculine grace in hot afternoons at clubs. Scroll through the types of casual shirts for summer, choose the Cuban collar and appear sleek, all at once! 

Oxford Button-Down Shirt Equates Versatility And Comfortability  

Right from its creation in 1896, the Oxford button-down shirt appeared to be an instant hit. Distinguished by a thicker fabric and a button-down collar; the shirt brings a casual take on the traditional dressing style. It offers high end versatility for a number of occasions. Whether you have to look dressier for a wedding or office rotation or opt for some smart casual glance; it works absolutely right.  Pick up lighter colors for a professional setting and bolder ones for a casual meet up. 

These are the best summer shirts every man should own to kick things up to the next level!  

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