Goku’s 59 jacket – the significance, origin, design, and features of Goku’s iconic 59 jacket from Dragon Ball. Learn more about the jacket’s connection to Goku’s past, its cultural significance, and why it has become a beloved symbol of the character and the franchise.

Goku has become one of the most famous anime characters, his spiky black hair, orange gi outfit, and Kamehameha technique make him popular among all


Significance and origin:

 Goku has been seen wearing various jackets throughout the entire series, including the Goku 59 jacket. In this article, we will look at the significance of the Goku 59 jacket and why Goku wears it. Goku’s jacket in Dragon Ball, also known as the “59 Jacket,” has become a significant indication of the character and the series. The jacket’s significance is rooted in its origin story. 

First and foremost, the number 59 is not chosen at random. It holds special meaning in Japanese culture. In Japanese, the number 5 is read as “go,” while the number 9 is read as “kyu.” When these two numbers are added together, they form Goku, the Japanese word for “five.” Therefore, 59 was most likely chosen because of its association with Goku’s name.

Furthermore, the jacket was given to Goku by his adoptive grandfather also the Dragon Ball Goku and Vegeta Broly Sab Blue Leather Jacket, Grandpa Gohan, in the Dragon Ball storyline. 59 represents Gohan’s initial use of the jacket as a young martial artist. The jacket also represents Goku’s bond with his adoptive grandfather, his first martial arts teacher who influenced his upbringing. Many cosplayers and merchandise featuring the jacket’s design have become popular among Dragon Ball fans. Its significance stems from its connection to Goku’s past, his martial arts training, and his depiction of his relationship with his adoptive grandfather.

Design and Features:

Goku’s 59 jacket is a straightforward blue garment with the number 59 written in white and red on the front and back. To shield the wearer’s neck from the elements, the garment has a high collar that can be flipped up. Two front compartments and a center zipper that can be opened and closed to regulate temperature are present. Long sleeves with elastic cuffs can be pulled tight to prevent cold air from entering the jacket.

The following are some of the jacket’s primary features:


 The Turtle School insignia: The leather jacket features a symbol on the front and back that represents the martial arts school where Goku trained. The emblem features a turtle in a circular pattern.

The orange color: The jacket is typically orange, which has become closely associated with Goku’s character. However, the orange color symbolizes the sun, strength, and energy. The jacket has a loose-fitting design with a high collar and long sleeves. It is typically worn over a white undershirt and black pants, completing the traditional martial arts outfit.


Overall, Goku’s 59 jacket is a distinct and recognizable ensemble that has become a beloved symbol of the character and the Dragon Ball franchise. Its design is inspired by traditional Japanese martial arts outfits while incorporating elements unique to Goku’s character and his training at the Turtle School.

In conclusion, Goku’s iconic Guku 59 jacket represents much more than just a fashionable piece of clothing. It represents his personal development, loyalty to friends and family, and unwavering determination to protect the Earth. Despite facing numerous challenges and adversaries, Goku never forgets his origins or the values that define him. The Guku 59 jacket reminds him of his humble beginnings as a Saiyan warrior and the bonds he has formed with those he cares about. We can be sure that Goku’s 59 jackets will be present as a testament to his unyielding spirit and unbreakable will as he continues to push himself to new heights.

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